A Look at the Incredible Seestar S50 Smart Telescope

The Seestar S50, a portable smart telescope, is revolutionizing astrophotography by making it accessible and straightforward for everyone. This great video review showcases the S50's capabilities, emphasizing how it simplifies the process of capturing celestial images without requiring prior photography experience.

Coming to you from AstroBackyard, this great video review takes a look at the Seestar S50 smart telescope. Priced at $499, the Seestarar S50 is an all-in-one package comprising a 50mm telescope, a dedicated astronomy camera, a light pollution filter, and a tracking go-to mount. While it utilizes an alta-azimuth mount, which typically has limitations, the Seestar S50 effectively overcomes these to deliver impressive results. Its portability, accentuated by a lightweight design and a foam carry case, makes it ideal for travel, particularly for events like solar eclipses.

The S50's appeal lies in its simplicity and user-friendliness. Controlled wirelessly via a smartphone app, it removes the need for a hand controller. The app provides valuable astronomy weather information and various modes for different celestial observations. What sets the S50 apart is its live stacking feature, which continuously takes and stacks 10-second exposures to enhance image quality and reduce noise, making it perfect for beginners who want to bypass complex astrophotography steps.

The telescope features a 50mm triplet apochromatic refractor with a focal length of 250mm and an aperture of f/5. The attached one-shot color astronomy camera uses the same sensor as the ZWO ASI 462 MC, a well-regarded camera in the astrophotography community. The camera efficiently captures deep-sky images and is particularly effective for observing the Moon and the Sun.

The S50 also includes an integrated dew heater and is operable in cold temperatures down to 0 °C. A notable feature is the built-in light pollution filter, which enhances the quality of celestial images in urban settings. The video demonstrates the telescope's capabilities with a session on the Andromeda Galaxy, highlighting the ease of use and impressive results.

It looks like the S50 smart telescope is a groundbreaking tool that democratizes astrophotography, making it easy and enjoyable for anyone interested in exploring the night sky. With its combination of advanced features, ease of use, and affordability, it's a great choice for getting your feet wet. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Pretty cool, especially at the price point.