The Best Apps for Planning Photo Shoots

Smartphones are incredibly powerful tools, and they offer a ton of apps and features that make them one of the most useful things a photographer can carry with them. With the huge number of apps out there, it can be tricky to know which is right for you and your work. This fantastic video tutorial features an experienced photographer walking you through some of the best options.

A Guide to Editing a Landscape Photo

Rarely is a landscape photo finished the moment you press the shutter; almost every image requires some degree of editing, both to add your personal creative touch and to give it a polished presentation. If you are new to the genre and ready to learn, check out this fantastic video tutorial that features an experienced photographer showing you how he edits an image from start to finish using Lightroom.

6 Essential Parent Dance Tips for Impactful Wedding Photos

Parent dances, such as the mother-son dance and father-daughter dance, are critical events during most wedding receptions. They are opportunities to capture beautiful, emotional moments that showcase key relationships in your client’s lives. They also give photographers plenty of opportunities to showcase their creativity with interesting compositions, impactful lighting, and more. To help you take better parent dance photos, here are six essential tips.

Making the Unremarkable Look Remarkable

If you look at some of the most popular photos on social media, they are often of some of the most famous locations in the world, and the argument can be made that while a lot of talent goes into those images, the locations do a fair amount of the heavy lifting too. There is something to be said for making remarkable photos of the unremarkable, and this great video essay takes a look at that idea.

A Look at the New Sony FE 300mm f/2.8 GM OSS Lens

Though most mirrorless systems have been out for a few years now, 300mm f/2.8 lenses have been mostly missing save for Canon's 100-300mm f/2.8. You can now add one more option to the stable with Sony's newly announced FE 300mm f/2.8 GM OSS. This excellent first look video takes a look at the new lens and the sort of performance and image quality on tap.

Improve Your Composition by Not Fixating on These 5 Things

Curiosity and fascination are very helpful things that can fuel a photographer to capture stunning images. However, as we get inspired by spectacular things that we see, it is necessary that we also have composure to make the most out of whatever we are photographing.

Tourbox Elite: A Great Holiday Present or Something to Regift? We Review

The TourBox Elite is a popular device. It saves on switching between keyboard and mouse and scrolling through adjustment panels in software such as Lightroom and Photoshop. We discover whether it speeds up a photographer's workflow and is a worthwhile Christmas present.

What a Landscape Photographer Has Learned After Two Decades in the Craft

Landscape photography can be a lonely genre, and it can be easy to fall into seeking external validation and creating the same images over and over. However, living fully in the present, trying new things, and taking risks leads to photographic growth. That's one of the most important lessons an experienced landscape photographer has learned over 20 years.

Do You Really Need a 4K Monitor?

Should you get a high-resolution 4K monitor or will a lower-resolution display be sufficient? There is no one-size-fits-all answer, as it depends on several factors like your vision, editing needs, and display size. However, this helpful video will help you decide.

A First Look at the New and Affordable Canon RF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM Lens

The Canon RF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM lens replaces a hidden gem in the older EF-S lineup, giving APS-C shooters a very affordable wide angle zoom lens suitable for a variety of applications. This excellent first look video takes a look at the new lens and the sort of performance and image quality one can expect from it.

Airplane Makes Forced Landing After Film Shoot Melts Windows

An Airbus A321 suffered significant damage to its cabin windows due to excess heat from film lights used the previous day, according to a report from the UK's Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB). The damage was discovered shortly after takeoff on a flight from London Stansted Airport to Florida, forcing the aircraft to return to Stansted.

Are f/2.8 Lenses Needed for Landscape Photography?

Photographers are always looking for the best gear to practice their craft. Many seek out the faster f/2.8 lenses, but are they the right choice for landscape photographers? This video talks about why one landscape photographer stopped using their f/2.8 lenses.

Is Micro Four Thirds Useful for Landscape Photography?

When it comes to landscape photography, there are generally three sensor sizes: APS-C, full frame, and medium format, but even smaller than APS-C is micro four thirds. In a genre that often requires significant physical exertion, such portable cameras can be quite attractive, but can those especially small sensors keep up with the demands of professionals and enthusiasts? This great video takes a look.

The Ultimate Checklist for Staging Property Photography

Creating an effective staging plan for property photography involves careful planning, attention to detail, and a focus on highlighting the property's best features. Here's a comprehensive staging plan that I use that includes the use of props and emphasizes cleanliness.

A Review of the Leica Q3 Camera

The Leica Q3 smashes a ton of modern features into a tiny body and pairs it all with an impressive sensor, making it an attractive option for anyone who wants a portable device that does not sacrifice quality. This excellent video review takes a look at the Q3 and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in usage.

3 Steps for Better Seascape Photos

The sea is constantly changing, and that means you always have opportunities to create unique images just about whenever you are ready to pull out your camera. If you would like you create better seascape photos, check out this fantastic video tutorial that features an experienced photographer sharing three steps that will help you improve your shots.

A Review of the Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.0 Aspherical Lens

50mm lenses with wide apertures tend to be quite popular, as their neutral focal length and versatile light-gathering power make them useful for a wide variety of applications ranging from portraits to events coverage and much more. The Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.0 Aspherical lens offers a particularly wide maximum aperture, making it an intriguing option, and this great video review takes a look at the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in usage.

Here Comes Another Low-Priced, High-Quality Astrophotography Telescope

It hasn't been long since I reviewed that Dwarf II portable telescope/camera combo. I found it reasonably priced, ($595 with filters, tripod, extra battery and carry bag), easy to use, and something that was going to excite people of all ages who have longed to take good astrophotographs without spending a fortune or having to learn a lot of complicated science and processing skills.

Deliver Beautiful Fine Art Prints to Your Clients With Zno

The photo shoot has ended and you are now finished with the editing of the images. What are you going to do next? You could deliver the images to your clients digitally, which can feel soulless, or you can go that extra mile and deliver beautiful fine art prints to your clients. In this article, I will show you how.

Apple's M3 Macbook Prices Are Diabolical

Every computer company charges more for extra features, but Apple has created the perfect pricing scheme with the new M3 Macbook Pros to fool all of us into paying even more for a new laptop.

Luck and Opportunity in Photography

A good photographer prepares and prepares some more, but things are rarely totally in our control. And so, there is often an element of luck involved in the craft. Why is it the best photographers seem to be some of the luckiest? This great video follows a photographer working through some images and discussing why luck often isn't really luck at all.

Important Truths About Being a Professional Photographer

Being a photographer can be a challenging but rewarding career, but it is not without risks one should be aware of before they choose to enter it. This fantastic video essay features an experienced commercial photographer discussing some important truths about being a professional that every creative should be aware of.

Sony Just Revolutionized Professional Photography

Sony's new a9 III camera is set to revolutionize professional photography. With the world's first full frame global shutter sensor, this remarkable technology eliminates historic limitations to unlock astounding new creative possibilities.

How to Get Started in Large Format Photography

Large format photography is unlike nothing else you have seen before, allowing you to create humongous negatives full of incredible levels of detail and creative renderings not possible with 35mm or even medium format. However, large format photography requires an entirely different approach and set of techniques, which can make it a bit intimidating. Don't fear, though, as this fantastic video tutorial will show you everything you need to know to get started.

My Experience Attending The Felix Kunze New York Lighting Workshop

Attending a portrait workshop with a photographer that you greatly admire can be an intimidating experience. Last month, I had the opportunity to spend a day at the New York Lighting Workshop with photographer extraordinaire, Felix Kunze, and it was not at all what I expected.

A Review of the Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f/0.9 Lens

Generally, any aperture wider than f/1.4 is considered particularly wide, which makes the Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f/0.9 for Fujifilm X Series cameras a particularly noteworthy offering. With a maximum aperture over a stop wider than f/1.4, bokeh fanatics and anyone who needs a lot of light-gathering power should be interested. This excellent video review takes a look at the lens and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in usage.

Using an 8K TV as a macOS Computer Monitor

I have a dream. A dream that one day I will be able to use an 8K TV as four seamless 4K monitors. I just can't figure out how to make this work.
Evolving as a Landscape Photographer

One of the best parts of landscape photography is that you can return to a location over and over as you grow as a photographer and see how your technique has progressed and your creative tastes have grown. This great video features an experienced photographer discussing evolution as a creative and sharing some of his experiences along the way.

Should You Use Manual Mode or Aperture Priority?

Manual and aperture priority are two of the most common modes photographers use, but when you are new to the craft, it might be difficult to know when to use which. This excellent video tutorial discusses manual and aperture priority modes, including how they work and when each is appropriate.

The Power of Tone Curves in Lightroom

Tone curves can be a rather intimidating tool for many photographers, and as such, many users avoid using them, opting instead for the editing sliders in Lightroom. However, curves are a tremendously powerful, precise, and versatile tool for performing a ton of editing tasks, and it is well worth learning them. This helpful video tutorial will show you everything you need to know to take full advantage of curves in Lightroom.

The New M3 MacBook Pro: One Photographer's View After 3 Days

The 2023 MacBook Pro is the latest evolution of Apple's iconic pro laptop lineup. The 2023 redesign brings some major changes, including the new M3 family of Apple silicon chips, a refined design now available in Space Black, and an upgraded display, camera, and connectivity. In this review, we take a deep dive into the latest model and its powerful features.

My Perfect Carry-Around Camera in 2023

Throughout my pursuit in the photography journey for more than a decade, my focus has always been on the hunt for the most suitable full frame camera to use for work and personal use. Regardless of the brand, the “perfect” camera has to at least fulfill these three criteria: wide range of lens adaptability and availability, high megapixel count, and within my acceptable budget.

My Long-Term Review of the Fujifilm X-T5

I picked up a Fujifilm X-T5 last December shortly after it was released. Originally, I purchased it as a backup camera to be used primarily for concert and street photography. After a short time, however, I fell in love with the camera and began to use it as my go-to choice for most of my portrait work. But does it hold up for heavy professional work?

How to Improve Your Branding for a Successful Photography Career

Branding is more than just a logo, it is the vision and delivery of your business, which, in photography, is very important. Whether you are a wedding, newborn, portrait, or product photographer, having the right branding is a key element to getting great clients through the door and optimizing your services. In this video by boudoir photographer Michael Sasser, he takes us through some great tips and tricks.

Great Camera Lens Filters for Landscape Photography

I've been using filters for my photography for more than ten years, and for the last five, I have used filters made by Kase. Just recently, I switched my filter system to what I think is the perfect filter kit for landscape and architecture photography. In this article, you'll find a detailed review of it.

How to Deal With Harsh Sunlight in Portrait Photography

The beauty of working with flash is that you can walk into any lighting situation and shape it to your creative vision and needs, and that frees you from relying on the sun to cooperate and to dictate your shoot's timing and location. Perhaps no scenario is more challenging than harsh midday light. This helpful video tutorial will show you how to use off-camera flash to work with that harsh light to create compelling portraits.

A Review of the Affordable and Portable Canon RF 28mm f/2.8 STM Lens

Canon's RF 28mm f/2.8 STM lens is impressively portable and will not break the bank, making it a nice option for anyone who wants a lightweight option they can take anywhere without worrying about a stray bump here or there. This excellent video review takes a look at if such a small and affordable lens can provide the sort of performance and image quality moderns users demand.